Thursday, July 22, 2010

Bathroom Remodeling

I can't believe it is finally done.. anyway, for the most part. I still have some touch up on the already existing walls to fix but IT IS DONE! The project wouldn't have been so bad except for the fact that I ran in to some problems with the shower curtain. Ruffles and I do not get along AT ALL! Courtney helped to do most of the sanding and I love that she is honest when it comes to things that don't look good... She has a pretty good sense of what goes and what doesn't. I can't take any of the credit because I can't come up with things like this on my own. At she has all the tutorials listed on how to make all the cute things I did. The only thing I came up with on my own was the one rosebud in the double frame on the right.. Yup. Came up with that all by myself. I hope you enjoy!! Now it's on to Melissa's bathroom to hang the bead board and baseboards. I should be a pro by now... right? We shall see.. More to come!

Here it is!!!!!!!!

Thanks to my friend, Melissa, for these cute frames. I love how the cloth flowers turned out.

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  1. It's so dang darling!! You did a wonderful job!! Love ya!